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How Steel Siding in Idaho Falls Compares to Other Building Materials

steel siding idaho falls idAt some point in time, every property owner must consider installing new siding on his or her home. Because most siding is built to last, this decision is one that you will have to live with for decades to come. At Top Shelf Home Improvement, our Idaho Falls metal siding contractors believe that you should give serious consideration to installing steel siding on your home.

Steel siding has all of the major attributes that you want in your prospective building material. First, it is extremely long lasting. Second, steel siding provides exceptional protection. Lastly, this amazing material is stunningly low maintenance. Bottom line, when you hire our Idaho Falls professionals to install steel siding on your home, you are making a fantastically rewarding long term investment.

In order to help you understand the many benefits of steel siding, our Idaho Falls contractors have developed the following guide. Here is some information as to home steel siding matches up against other conventional materials. Call Top Shelf Home Improvement today if you are interested in steel siding or have any questions. We would be happy to take your all and to schedule your consultation today.

Steel Siding Requires Less Maintenance Than Engineered Wood

Where metal siding in Idaho Falls really prevails over engineered wood is maintenance. The color of your steel siding is fused directly with the panel. In contrast, engineered wood must be painted and caulked on a routine basis in order to be protected from moisture. When you install steel siding on your Idaho Falls home, you will never have to worry about these laborious maintenance tasks ever again.

Steel Siding Is More Beautiful Than Vinyl

Steel siding looks amazing no matter how you property is shaped. Because it is specifically fabricated for your home, your steel siding will lay flat and square even int he widest of expanses. In contrast, vinyl siding only looks good in narrow profiles. When you install steel siding on your Idaho Falls property, you have more design availability and flexibility to choose and execute from.

Steel Siding Is More Durable Than Fiber Cement

Steel siding is by far the most durable exterior cladding material on the market. It can stand up to the harshest hailstorms and most severe snow and ice. In most cases, steel siding has exceptional warranties, sometimes spanning over 5 decades. In contrast, fiber cement is brittle and prone to cracking during installation and harsh weather conditions. You will not have to worry about warping, cracking, fading, or chipping when you choose steel siding for your Idaho Falls home.

Interested in an estimate for learning more about steel siding in Idaho Falls? Call 208-251-0602 or complete our online request form.

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